Krakel – ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’

Released on 4th June 2021, ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ is the new 10 track album, from DIY metal band Krakel.

Evolving from the last album, to a heavier, yet complex, mystical sound, its themes are very real and down-to-earth.

Mastered by Cutting Room, ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ was composed and otherwise produced entirely by Krakel.

Of the 10 tracks, 2 were launched as singles, previously, i.e. ‘Bridge Of Death’ (2020) and ‘999’ (2020). All tracks are digitally interactive.

It’s a quintet, consisting of Asa (vocals/7 string guitar), Kattis (drums), Anki (bass), Jesper (keys) and Urban (guitar).

Inspired by sounds right across the rock spectrum, including Rammstein, Abba, Queen and Gary Moore, Krakel’s sound and style is growing, all the time. ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ is their 2nd album. 9 singles have already been released.

Ctrl + Alt + Del – Phone and fax dialling tones intro, before a sleek segue, into a Bond-esque lyrical melody. Very powerful feminine vocals. Directly relevant, well supported by carefully controlled tension. Drums adding a strong back beat, as the vocals soar. Feedback ending.

Seven Minutes Of Fear – Strongly atmospheric bass intro, then rapidly moving into a speedy riff and cutting vocal. Those lyrics really grab the attention. Lots of pointed acuity. Riffs building the tension well. Good powerful narrative style. Decent understated twiddly paradiddles, past the mid-section and the percussion section grows louder, with the cymbals adding an edge. Fading out, quickly.

Beauty Queen – Cutlery sounds open, then segue, into creeping vocals and synths. Growing into a Bassey-esque lion. Still retaining that sinister edge, handling each note impressively well. Cymbals joining in with the well-placed synths, dipping and soaring, in all the right places. Again, it’s very much resonant of Bond film soundtracks. Rapid, acute ending.

Fluch – Very bouncy synth intro, moving into a strong atmosphere, with an ominous feel. Once more, those huge vocals really add a powerful edge, so fitting to the sound. Drums here carefully spaced, for maximum emphasis. Retaining that bouncy synth thread, unfolding like a dramatic dance. The whole sound builds again, at the end.

Revenge – Funky sounds intro, upping the bounce factor, utilising the synths well, layering a Queen-esque applause, echoing that ‘We Will Rock You’ flavour. Moving it on, to a higher vocal vibe, while still retaining that memorable clap. Great twangy riff bridge, at the mid-section. Those vocals are really impressive. Riffs playing with the vocals, lacing, intricately, through the space between the notes, till the end.

Glory To The Brave – Heavenly choirs open, then it moves, into a theatrical vocal, backed by an orchestral sounding accompaniment, with an electrifying edge. Drumstick clicks add an extra flourish. Growing, quickly, into a narrative drama, featuring epic backdrops. Great call and response vocals, closing with a hunting horn.

Devil’s In Love – Spoken word temptation, very Prince-esque. Rapid vocals and keys segue, into a powerful groove. Great bounce to the accompaniments. Very funky stuff. Vocally enticing. So cutting, within that delightful funk vibe. The whole thing grows into a united upbeat sound, ending with vocal definition.

Bridge Of Death – Bombs drop into the intro, keys leading out of the heaviness. Vocals tempting, again, before that sharpness takes over, with an almost blackened edge. Back to feminine wiles, gently performed, sliding, effortlessly, into jagged edged steel. Accompaniments fading into the background and launching forward, in all the right places. Ending on a few heavy hits, before the final bomb drops.

999 – Sci-fi-esque intro, with a wall of power behind it. Screaming melodic vocals follow, interweaving, perfectly. Very witchy lyrics, playing out the line from Macbeth, in a Wyrd Sisters vein. Perfectly synced. Black shards smashing, in a picturesque shimmer. Just idyllically visual, well complemented, by an orchestral accompaniment. Defined ending.

Out Of Control – Very atmospheric intro. More dialling tones and synths, only cautiously broken, by gentle vocals, supported by soft keys. Growing, very incrementally, with cymbal shimmers, like swords being drawn. Bouncy rhythms sway, alongside the vocals, keeping that mystery going. Fading out, on an artificial heart beat.

Overall – A flawlessly dramatic album, with epic features throughout, ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ is a highly unique production, impressively performed, with consistently catchy flourishes. Showcasing true artistic grasp of the creation and momentum of atmospheric tension, this is a one-off project, with a powerful draw.

10/10 **********

For fans of James Bond soundtracks, Shirley Bassey, Arapacis, Knifesex, Haxan, Viking Queen, Eartha Kitt.

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