Zitter – ‘Intoxicated World’

Swedish heavy rockers Zitter’s 9 track ‘Intoxicated World’ album is their 3rd release in 51 weeks. With this current launch, the same sound and themes remain, but with a heavier emphasis.

The trio, composed of Fred Z (vocals/bass), B. Gustaf (guitars) and MacCallico Adee (software drums) have honed their signature sound, to a sharper point, with a more polished production.

Lyrically, ‘IW’ tackles pressing global matters, philosophical themes and specific historical events.

An exclusively digital release, via Zitter’s own label, Vulture Nest Productions, ‘IW’ is distributed by Kobolt (AWAL Digital Ltd).

Amassing global airplay, their previous releases are available on CD, via 3000 Records and on the Cowabunga Extravagance DVD, via Seven Films). Their most viewed YouTube video is ‘Sunny Day Holiday’, created by Rotten Soulz filmmakers.

Basing their live appearances on intentionally entertaining organised chaos, those lucky enough to catch them on tour, in Stockholm, this month and next will witness that. Zitter’s material is widely available, to stream and download, on all main sites.

Pan For Gold – Synth intro, with decent riffs following. Sci-fi-esque vocals. Upbeat melodies. Could do with pushing up the volume, a bit, but it’s well performed. Leaning more towards pop rock than heavy rock. Feelgood vibes. Short, but consistent delivery.

Hellelujah – Following up with the same sound, but with a slightly heavier bass and a marginally heavier vocal edge. Light cymbal tinkles in the background. A fairly well constructed track, with vague hints of Stooges-esque melodic style. Good strong drum ending.

Lonely – Gradually opening, on a reverb echo and into an easily flowing riff. Another similar sound here, with 80’s nods. Again, definitely more poppy than rocky, but as before, proficiently performed. Bigger drum presence and a slight wobble to the closing riff.

Intoxicated World – Aggressive vocal intro, with Rammstein-esque echoes, before moving back into 80’s pop-rock essence. Fast drum fills and a sci-fi-esque bass solo leads into the 2nd half, building into a chorus, taking it to the end.

Save Me – Clear, slightly emotional riff intro, featuring heavier, more poignant vocals. This is the heaviest track yet. Moving into a briefly crushing groove, before returning to the melancholic atmosphere. Definitely a much catchier sound and pattern here. Varying the structure, here and there, before once more, returning to the previous melody. Certainly the strongest groove so far, with a much heavier, rockier vibe.

This Is The Way – Straight in, with a blues-soaked riff). Now it’s going somewhere. Well titled, in that respect. Very laid-back essence, with a lot of riffage. It ends way too soon, though, before it’s really found its feet. Needs lengthening.

If God Doesn’t Let You In – Opening on a loose vibe, with the percussion and bass taking centre stage. Curiously, the vocal style here echoes Alice Cooper, taking it into different, heavier territory, altogether – a very welcome place. It’s got a good, powerful beat and a lot of very effective melody. Nicely strummed chords, around the mid-section. The synth’s luckily minimised here, in favour of the surrounding accompaniments. It grooves well, all the way, to the end.

Lines – An old-fashioned dial tone intro’s, with a spooky operator vocal, before the fast-paced rock follows. Getting straight to the point, with that speeding rhythm. It’s got a great groove, again and it just works. Only slowing down, periodically, then right back into the groove again. Racing on, till the end.

Zisterz & Brotherz – Well blended opening. Slightly deeper, darker tone, with a similar atmosphere. Lyrically, it’s intriguing and vaguely anthemic, in places. The propulsive beat serves it well. Heightening the tension, a tad, before lowering it again. Something very Green Day-esque about this. Very well placed riff twang and fret bend, at the finale.

Overall – An intriguingly eclectic album, with a pleasing level of variety, getting better, with each track, ‘Intoxicated World’ is surprisingly versatile, defying expectations laid down by the first few tracks. While the first half of the album is lacking in substance and overly poppy, the second half’s much meatier and rockier, (though could be much heavier) and well worth waiting for, as that’s where the biggest strengths are and where they shine brightest.

7/10 *******

For fans of Green Day, The Kooks, The Pet Shop Boys, Inspiral Carpets, Depeche Mode, Cheap Trick, Mott The Hoople, Iggy Pop and The Stooges.





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