KRAKEL – ‘Frau Blucher’ And ‘Endless Night’

Launched November 2021, ‘Frau Blucher and Endless Night’, the new singles, from KRAKEL, follow on from the last offering, ‘Ctrl, Alt + Del’.

The first, ‘FB’, originates from their muse, the Young Frankenstein film. Created out of the intro synth pattern, cover art featuring Marty Feldman, as Igor, illustrated by Asa.

‘EN’ takes lyrical inspiration from the current seemingly endless shootings and the ensuing terror triggered by them. Featured are 3 languages, including a Swedish police radio.

Frau Blucher – Brief, but energetic intro, featuring a snappy voice-over, rapidly followed by a powerful blast of metal. Powering down, to a sonic sound, with electronic essence, heavy on the synths. Alien-esque vocals, strong movie soundtrack-esque accompaniments. Drama, choirs, epic theatricality, it packs a lot into its length, ending rapidly, on a quick helicopter rotor blade sound, as the power dies down.

Endless Night – Background sirens, riots and general chaos opens, featuring a notably Bond-esque feminine vocal, with a lot of strength behind it. More melodic basis here, well controlled rhythm, sustaining strong beats and a stack of atmosphere. Again, it’s very powerful and easily visually evocative. Very decent production values, a tasteful riff section, speeding up, gradually. Building to a highly impressive well sustained, closing riff screech and sharp, tangy vocals. A very accessible track.

Overall – Undoubtedly, their best work yet, these tracks demonstrate a big step forward for KRAKEL, both in stylistic and structural terms. Melodically sound, strong performances, impressive delivery and a brand-new intriguing direction, both tracks pack a real punch, showcasing KRAKEL at their true higher potential. Hopefully, more of the same will soon follow.

10/10 **********

For fans of Bond movie soundtracks, Vicious Nature, Eartha Kitt, Shirley Bassey The Wring, Chaos Over Cosmos, War Of The Worlds.

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