Darren Michael Boyd – ‘Last Seen In Canada’

Introducing Darren Michael Boyd’s 3rd solo album, ‘Last Seen In Canada’, released in October 2021.

Beginning his solo career with the debut album, ‘Lifting The Curse’, as therapy for the after trauma from a serious car accident, the 9 track debut only featured one other contributor; Emily Dolan Davies, on drums.

Darren’s musical background includes touring and recording with various well-known acts, including Black Ju-Ju, Creeping Beauty and Famous Underground. Other highlights are the many invites to compose tracks for Beasto Blanco, featuring Alice Cooper’s bassist, Chuck Garric and daughter, Calico and to audition for Platinum winning artist, Fefe Dobson. He also won a scholarship to Toronto’s Guitar Workshop Class, instructed by the likes of Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan, Sue Foley and played alongside bands such as One-Eyed Doll, Wednesday 13, Yngwie Malmsteen, Stryper, Beasto Blanco and Lee Aaron.

With such accolades to his name as Best Local Musician, 2020, best guitar teacher in Ottawa Valley/North Grenville Readers Choice Awards, a nomination for Rock Artist Of The Year, by the Josie Music Awards and reaching number 57 on the World Indie Music Charts, as well as featuring on guitar, in the Mississippi Mudds Theatre Group, in a 2019 sold out run of We Will Rock You, which won the Ottawa Faces magazine award, that year, for Favourite Theatre Group, DMB has well and truly cemented his reputation in the industry, as a high-class guitarist.

‘Wonders Of The Invisible World’, his 2nd album and 5 DIY videos launched in 2020. 3 of those videos were nominated for Independent Film Festival Awards and ‘Arachnochakra’ won Best North American Music Video, in the Toronto Alternative Film Festival.

June 2021 saw a new single, entitled ‘Spider Jewel’ and he’s now produced a new Famous Underground track, ‘In My Reflection’ and a music video for ‘Like An Animal’.

There Goes The World – Automatic impact! Lots of groove to that intro. Classic rock refrain, with a modern twist and a hint of underlying moody melancholia, but mainly a strong, upbeat melody. Quite Queen-esque riffage. Great sound values and flawless production. Drums heavy, till the end.

Spider Jewel – A little darker in shade. Delving deeper into the abyss, with powerfully contrasting jazzy tones. Audible string bending, very fluid velvet riffs. Again, it moves between light and dark. Subtle keys behind it, fading smoothly.

Melting Beneath The Moon – A strong mystique opens, onto a mid-paced rhythm, powerfully delivered. Once more, it’s similarly polished and toned. A deeper segment adds further enigma. Tight sound, clearly performed, with a lot of palpable steel string bass input. Defined point to the ending.

Premature Ectoplasm – Changing lanes, to a faster rhythm, now and the mood climbs up. Another cohesive sound, with a strong blues undertone and some gorgeously intricate riffage, matching the pace, with the drumming. Carrying on with that cool groove, till the end.

Last Seen In Canada – Heavier sound altogether, here. Very much a solid emphasis. Good strong drum beats, again. A darker element, once more, but just a bit more ingrained. Very Vai-esque, but heavier. Well sustained rhythms.

Amphibian Rhapsody – A poppy vibe enters, now. Not sure about this sound. It’s a little bit disco dance for me, but still featuring some of those Vai-esque frills, so there’s hope yet. A more basic structure to the melodies. Still tight.

Library Of Lost Melodies – That’s better! Heavier emphasis, again. Still moving in between light and shade and you can’t fault the riffs or the timing. Drums beating out an ever heavier rhythm and groove, plus some vague, inexplicable electronica. Moving into synth sections, while sustaining that upbeat momentum to the melody.

Solitary Witch – A gothic, sinister atmosphere intro’s. Very dark and creepy, but just as sophisticated. That riff solo freaks you right out, with its spookiness. Powerful supporting drums. Some very tasteful slide guitar and a hint of mystery ending.

1692-1962 – Speed riffs open, with a strong virtuoso vibe. Playing with the pacing and melodies, bringing in keys and various moods. Brilliant siren riff tones and electrifying speed and style. Drums sustaining the pace, impressively. Suddenly alternating the mood and structure, completely, to a jazzier style.

End Credits – An exciting riff sound plays out an action sequence, well supported by the drums, once more, alternating the melodies, now adding a slice of Eastern enigma. Tribal drum beats bring the finale.

Overall – A vastly impressive and colourful album, professionally produced and performed, ‘LSIC’ features some of the slickest, sleekest riffage you’ll find and a powerful command of rhythm, groove and melody. It flows so well, throughout and though there are shades of darkness, the lighter sections compensate. An energised, high octane production.

9/10 *********

For fans of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Lawrence Wallace, Intense.

Self composed, recorded and produced.

Mastered by Harry Hess, at H-bomb Mastering. (Barenaked Ladies, Danko Jones).

Cover – Rik Roe/Rtists Photography.

‘Creature Darren’ – T-Bone Designs.





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