2022 Album Of The Year – Tarraska – ‘Tarraska’

The winner of 2022’s Album Of The Year is Bournemouth-based hard rockers Tarraska’s self-titled debut.

Released back in summer, the tracks featured have stayed with me, unforgettably, all year. Especially the star stand-out track 6, ‘Trailblazer’, which I’d had the privilege to hear and review at the time of its release, as a single. ‘Trailblazer’, with its rocky tones, catchy melodies and well ingrained heavy rhythms is really the key to the rest of the album, emphasised by the searing riff plunge, at the bridge. Everything else is built around it.

‘Tarraska’ features not just harder, heavier numbers, but a range of other sounds, from edgy energisers to gentle ballads and everything in between. Within ‘Tarraska’, the band’s full repertoire comes to light and this is only the start.

It’s a collective reflection of the very musical and technical expertise within it. These are, after all, seasoned musicians, not just in a practical sense, with long musical backgrounds, but also academically and theoretically, completing the picture.

Ultimately, ‘Tarraska’ echoes and accompanies a spectrum of emotions, from one end to the other and each track carries at least one memorable feature, which whirls around your head, addictively, ever after. Both productively and performatively, including compositionally, it’s as near to a perfect rock album as you can get. That’s why it’s such a pleasure to crown it 2022 Album Of The Year.



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