Rock and metal reviews blog, hosted by myself, Jenny Tate, known as ‘The Rock Queen’, former presenter of Saturday Rocks and long-time reviewer of all things rock and metal. (Albums/EP’s/singles/videos etc). I no longer do live gig reviews. The blog reviews are also posted on my Facebook group page, ‘Rock Queen Reviews’, shared on my own Facebook wall (Jenny Tate)  and those of the bands and artists.

I review most forms of rock and metal (except C&W – come on, who does?)
Though I don’t usually review pure death or black metal, I will accept melo-death and other death/black combinations. My favourite genres are: melodic, thrash, speed/power, classic rock, NWOBHM, blues rock, folk rock, pure heavy-metal, hard rock, gypsy rock, old school stuff and I will accept grunge, alternative and prog. Viking and Pirate metal are always good, as is anything fey related. I accept international review submissions and all are welcome to join Rock Queen Reviews.

All review submissions should be sent via email, to jennytaterocks@googlemail.com and all music sent in one of the following formats: individual MP3’s, zip MP3 album/EP file, dropbox (but please only use dropbox as a last resort), or physical CD. Email or Facebook PM for my address, for physical copies. N.B. All artwork needs to be sent separately attached. (JPEG’s or standard email attachments are fine). Please include a brief bio (also sent as an attachment) and any online links you have to your music.

You can subscribe to the blog if you wish. You’ll find the relevant info on the site. Otherwise, all views, comments, shares, etc are always appreciated. Thank you for reading, viewing the site, being involved, contributing music etc. Now let’s rock!


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  1. jennytate Says:

    Please only post music related comments on here. Thank you.

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