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Owing to the amount, nature and frequency of spam on the blog, an FAQ’s section seems an obvious solution, in response to most of it. I’m basing it around the most commonly asked questions and points raised. Please feel free to suggest any other additions you’d like to see to it. Please see this section, prior to asking me questions, especially if you’ve already asked them. You’ll probably find the answers here.

1. The blog platform I use is WordPress.
2. The site layout is/was its default appearance.
3. I’ve no idea about techy matters. Ask a pro.
4. The amount of work required for a site such as this differs, depending on each individual and their personal circumstances, time and energy available. It’s also dependent on the subject matter.
5. To receive email alerts for new reviews posted, click subscribe to RSS feed.
6. I don’t know how to get listed under any other site, eg Google/Yahoo News.
7. If attempting to boost your own site’s popularity, follow your site guidelines and share on Facebook/Twitter/whatever other social media sites you use.
8. You may only use/quote/reference my reviews, in part or in full, for explicitly stated legitimate purposes, only with my permission and only if crediting the sources back to me.
9. This is a solo pursuit. No contributions invited.
10. Unless editing is necessary, no more information will be added to a review, once complete. If seeking more info about a band, please see their site links.

NB Please be aware that I am unable to be involved with any other sites or projects, owing to complex health limitations. So please respect this and refrain from asking me to do any more. The same applies to adding more features to the blog, looking at your own links, etc. For this reason also, please refrain from repeating the same spam comments and see the responses already provided. My health issues restrict the amount of time I can spend on the computer and consequently, I’m no longer able to spend additional time repeating responses and re-reading the same comments. As previously requested, please don’t add links, unless directly relevant to the subject matter of the blog. Any irrelevant links will be deleted.

PS Due to the fragility of my health, I would appreciate it if all feedback could be kept constructive/supportive please.

If seeking contact, either do so via the spam comments section, or add me on Facebook. I’m not on Twitter or any other social media site. As I only add people on Facebook if there are mutual friends or a mutual common interest outside of Facebook and/or I know them in that capacity, please message me first, referencing the blog.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement with the blog. You all rock!

Posted May 9, 2018 by jennytate

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