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Ex Reigndance vocalist Andre Comeau now presents his latest EP, ‘Wrong Within’, via EMP Label Group. The 5 track hard rock offering will land on March 27th 2020.

Known as the ‘rocker-guy’, from MTV’s reality show, ‘The Real World’, WW is performed entirely by Andre.

Coming from a musical Detroit-based family, he’s been surrounded by music his whole life and has it inside him.

Andre’s former band Reigndance, featuring members of QOTSA and The Dead Weather, was where it all began, during the 90’s. Soon moving to New York, Andre was then selected for ‘The Real World’. This proved a hit and was instrumental in securing exposure, for the band. Following 3 releases and multiple tours, the band finally split, in 1997.

Fast forward, to another move, to Los Angeles and by the noughties, Andre went back to his musical roots, amongst the folk scene. River Rouge was the result. Several positively acclaimed albums followed. After making a success in LA, that band went their separate ways, in 2016.

Come 2019, Andre linked up with EMP Label Group, co-headed by David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Thom Hazaert. The outcome of this is a new direction, into his original hard rock passions, which is what you can hear on ‘WW’.

Firebird – Straight into a slick riff intro. Equally sleek vocals accompanying. Classic feel to the track and a clear hard rock sound. Natural sense of rhythm. Lots of catch and oozing sex appeal. This has got instant hard hitter written all over it. Heaps of melody. Bound to prove commercially successful, it’s a smooth delivery, throughout.

Son Of A Gun – A deeper, darker, looser intro. Great laid-back drawl to this notably bluesy rock number. It’s got all the right ingredients and it’s comfortably mid-paced. Lots of sexy riffage in here. Classic gruff hard rock vocals, easily handling the track, showcasing complete ease with the material. Good fade-out. This is for the old school rockers).

Out Of Control – Carefully plucked riff intro, very blues rock, with a stoner edge. Dropping, easily, into softer, but no less sexy vocals. Even more so, if anything. Everything comes in, with precision timing. Very traditional lyrics and with each track, we’re transported to classic rock atmospherics and visuals to kill. A gorgeously sensual rhythm gets into your blood and carries you away. Sublime.

Killing Milkweed – Opening on a rougher, but snappier vocal. Again, it’s just as catchy and just as fun. The rapid pace takes it in a new direction, without deviating from the mood. Tasty rhythmic accompaniments. So upbeat and high energy. Just a great melodic rock out fest, from start to finish.

Clairvoyant – Drums capably and confidently leading to another laid-back, loosened rhythm, with a lovely bit of tremolo hidden in the midst of those divine riffs. Hotting up now, on the riffs and going for it some more, that solo’s just sumptuous. Once more, those eager vocals lead the flow, as the guitar break gives it all it’s got. This is just the cream. Building up to a final drum outro.

Overall – A sexy, rocky, flawless slice of groove entrenched masculinity, to heighten your senses and pull you into its lair. ‘Wrong Within’ will make you it’s willing hostage and ensnare you, for ever, in its irresistible world.

10/10 **********

For fans of Kickin’ Valentina, Cryptids, Free, Blue Oyster Cult, Ram Jam, Live, Bad Company, Gentleman’s Pistols, Kikamora.

‘Son Of A Gun’ video –

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Bristol rock band SickOnes now release their new track, ‘Agility’. Already premiered on BBC 6 Radio, this new single represents a progressive move forward for SO.

Founded 2016, SO became rapidly known within the punk scene, with 3 EP’s and a global collaboration to their names. During this time, they performed multiple gigs, throughout the UK, Europe and the East Coast of America.

They’ve toured with The Dead Kennedys and Cancer Bats and have received widespread positive media acclaim. With their energised, captivating live appearances, their socially aware lyrics and down-to-earth approach, they capture their fans attention, on a major scale.

A couple of line-up changes have ensured some new and innovative aspects, adding to their already enlivening qualities.

The recent track, ‘Agility’ stems from those very changes, symbolising their movement, from 80’s enraged punk, to 90’s grunge, with a Beastie Boys flavour.

Produced and engineered by Kurt Fagan, at The Ranch Production House, ‘Agility’ breaks new ground, still incorporating alternative and hard-core sounds, with vivacious vocals.

Agility – High quality hard-core intro. Screaming vocals and razor sharp riffs. This is true passion. Going against the grain of generic punk and into higher realms of heaviness and acuity. Real instrumental skill, giving everything a chance to shine, it’s a short, sharp blast of sophisticated rage, echoing Electric Vengeance and especially EV’s current cut-throat sound. ‘Agility’ engages and impresses.

10/10 **********

For fans of Electric Vengeance

Available, to stream, on:

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Introducing the return of UK metallers Dark Forest, with their new 9 track album of legendary power and metallic glory. ‘Oak, Ash & Thorn’, their first studio album in 4 years, is a narrative of myths and legends.

This 5th album is inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s 1906 fantasy, ‘Puck Of Pooks Hill’ and its central aspects of magic and folklore, which resonate strongly with the band. The album title, ‘Oak, Ash & Thorn’ refers to the 3 sacred trees of England. This album, especially, symbolises the plight of the eternal outsider, something also close to Dark Forest’s hearts.

DF were founded in 2002. ‘O, A & T’ was produced in August 2019, at Hellfire Studios, near Burton-upon-Trent and is considered their best work yet. It’s an album showing progression, whilst retaining their signature style. The melody remains and if anything, is even more impassioned, in its delivery.

This particular album took an epic amount of work to produce, with collective Herculean efforts. The cover was illustrated by renowned artist Duncan Storr. Its concept evolved, from its initial basis on the hollow hill and the legendary abodes of the fairies, to the 3 central spirits representing 3 specific historical ages.

‘O, A & T’ is an enchanting, enrapturing album, well worth the time and energy invested in it.

AElfscyne – Natural sounds of a fountain flowing intro, with medieval style acoustic riffs accompanying. Birds sing in the background. A pleasant bit of tremolo involved, as it fades out.

Wayfarer’s Eve – Louder, twangy riffs intro, electrically zapping their way through this blitzkrieg of a track. Beautifully timed drums provide a solid backbone. Gentle, yet heartfelt vocals, edged with energetic light. Very Farseer-esque, stylistically. Mid-paced, with well held rhythm and loaded with vivid colourful imagery. Closing on a cleverly synchronised drum and riff crescendo.

The Midnight Folk – Heavy drum intro! Very forceful, flying straight into another gorgeous melody. Catchy lyrics and huge memorability here. Definitely one that carries you away with it. Confident, passionate vocals. So uplifting and colourful. Such an intensely happy vibe just sings through it. Racing on, till the end and marking it with another powerful outro.

Relics – Intense riffage opening, onto a scene of light and melody. Again, the vocals are hugely catchy. Faster paced, with some minimal cymbal action, backing the heavier drumming. Taking it upwards, to metal paradise, you just never want this to end. Impressively held notes, that latter tone, in particular and a pitter patter rhythm works in perfect conjunction. Gliding on, to an idyllic end.

Avalon Rising – Opening on some softer open fingered fretwork, then fizzing into life, with more energised melodies. Good narrative style, from the start. Something of a musical theatre expression to the vocals. Celtic feel to the whole track, just riven with power. Complete cohesion. Solid self-assurance. It’s a highly upbeat track, so chock full of light and brilliance. Even a slight Dickinson-esque slant to those vocals. Actually, it does hold a bit of a Maiden-esque flavour, as a whole. Fading out on carefully plucked, gently executed riffs.

Oak, Ash & Thorn – Very Dickinson-esque vocal solo intro’s! A true storyteller, in action. Hopeful lyrical thread, gradually bringing in the accompaniments, growing stronger, by the minute). Really powerful visual depiction and delivery. A massive collective effort shines through, so clearly. Again, that strong Celtic atmosphere. So melodic and meaty. Timing spot on and this fulsome track works incredibly well, showcasing total band synchronicity. Alternating rhythms, towards the end, to work with the deeper vocal sections. The story unfolds, in front of your eyes. It’s just gloriously traditional, in a modern telling. The mood is so well conveyed and that crashing crescendo just fits, succinctly.

The Woodlander – Back to blitzingly fast rhythms and soaring melodies. An instant hitter. Bringing another story to the fore, this is a more traditionally based Maiden. The melody and style of The Irons, with the steel force and legendary narratives of Grand Magus. An explosion of melodic light and hope hits hard. Coming to another sensational end.

Eadric’s Return – Opening with a now increasingly ubiquitous sound of oars, moving through water, before exploding into powerful images again. There’s a stunning amount of energy in this track. A world of colour and life. It just rolls along, on a tide of crackling vocals and naturally intuitive accompaniments. The flow’s just astonishing and only a heart of stone could fail to be moved by this incredible sound. True chemistry and passion rules. Ending on a final drum blast.

Heart Of The Rose – A full and involved sound intro’s. Setting the scene, with a blast of thunder and riffs, delivered like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, galloping into battle. Gathering pace, the general sound’s now moving into a battleground scene. Only one with beautiful music surrounding it. Growing stronger and stronger, as it continues, that’s what you call a powerfully defined finale.

Overall – To say that ‘Oak, Ash & Thorn’ is a spectacular album, of astonishing quality and mind blowing beauty doesn’t even begin to do it justice. There simply aren’t words to express the sheer magnitude of power behind this album, or the height of enlivening energy inherent within it. It’s literally too good for words. ‘O, A & T’ was well worth the 4 year wait.

10/10 **********

For fans of Farseer, Iron Maiden, Celtic Legacy, Voltax, Grand Magus, Emerald Shine, SuidAkrA, Silent Winter, Marius Danielsen, Ice Sword, Dragonforce.

Order links:  (LP)  (Black Vinyl, A2 Poster, Insert and Download Card, CD).

Released on 24th April 2020, on Cruz Del Sur Music.

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Thirteen Stars present their latest single and video, ‘Mint Jelly’, in preparation for the forthcoming Black Aces UK tour and their slots at Hard Rock Hell, Blues, Call Of The Wild and Wildfire Fests.

The southern rockers have thrown a Stones vibe into this new track, echoing ‘Exile On Main Street’. Narrating the classic rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, partially inspired by Grampa Simpson, ‘MJ’ is intended as a humorous take on things and even incorporates a brass section.

‘MJ’ appears on their soon-to-be-released album, ‘Finest Ramshackle Jam’. It follows the last single, ‘Running So Long’. (Influenced by Tom Petty).

Recorded at Axis Studios, Doncaster (Terrorvision, Massive Wagons, Black Star Riders), engineered by Matt Ellis and co-produced by Ellis and the band’s own front man and guitarist, Hoss Thompson, ‘MJ’ was mastered at Abbey Road Studios, by Geoff Pesche (Page And Plant, Therapy, The Divine Comedy).

TS have appeared at Planet Rock Winter’s End Festival and featured on BBC Radio Cumbria and Great Music Stories. ‘RSL ‘was voted number 1 in Classic Rock Magazine’s Tracks Of The Week. Catch them on one of their 16 UK tour dates.

‘MJ’ is released through Rock People Music.

Mint Jelly – Introing with a great alternating speaker sound, segueing straight into a classic blues drawl, boasting a strong southern rock vibe. Echoes of a more metallic ‘Spirit In The Sky’ and even a gorgeously delivered piano tinkle, peppering its way through the track. Really bluesy, throughout, stacked with vocal grit, clear passion and band chemistry. This is one track you’re going to want to go back to, again and again. Brief, but hugely spirited and highly addictive. If this is a taste of the forthcoming album, it’s going to sell out fast.

10/10 **********

For fans of Black Stone Cherry, BlackBerry Smoke, The Black Crowes, Muddy Moonshine, The Quireboys.

Available on:

Pre-order link:

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Presenting newest single, ‘Ark’, from psych-folk, indie duo Rebsie Fairholm and Marvin B Naylor. The song is from their soon-to-be-released album of the same name.

A 2-piece, whose powerful symmetry is reflected in their music, ‘Ark’ contains many hooks, combining old school 70’s and newer inspirations.

Its meaning is about the presence of miracles and it’s style successfully conveys this.

Ark – Very light, airy intro. Strong folk aura, with slight Celtic sounds going on. Gentle vocal delivery, with equally soft accompaniments. Short, but light-hearted track, with Cranberries-esque aspects, likely to work for Fairport Convention fans. One for sunny Sunday summer afternoons and floaty moods. Definitely more pop than rock. Pleasant enough, but it doesn’t leave much of a mark.

5/10 *****

For fans of Venus Rising, Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny, The Cranberries, The Corrs.

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A quartet, from Belgium, Teras is a thrash band, with hints of death and black metal inspirations. Founded in 2016, their debut album, ‘Pandora’ was co-signed and released by Sideburn Records (Bark, Onmens, Your Highness) and Consouling Agency (Vonnis, Carneia, Brutus, Hedonist).

The band has so far received successful acclaim and can count supporting Voivod and performing at Antwerp Metal Fest 2018 amongst their achievements.

‘Broken, Frayed Ends’ is their 2nd album, representing their progress and ability to break through genre barriers. Recorded at Much Luv Studio, by Tim De Gieter, June 2019, mastered at West West Side Music (Every Time I Die, Mastodon, Clutch, Nile), by Alan Douches.

‘BFE’ symbolises endings, grief and bereavement, in all their forms. It highlights the faces we show in public and what lies beneath them. The latter being further illustrated by the cover art.

Teras make a point of obliterating the lines between thrash, black and death metal.

Broken, Frayed Ends – Solid, heavy, pumping intro. Good strong cohesive sound. Stoner vibes, coupled with thrash vocals. The drums are the power behind this track, with those loose, grungy riffs a close second. Sharpened vocals add the zest and energy. A sudden end, but definitely a memorable beat, with a workable rhythm.

Follow The Herd – Faster paced, instantly hard-hitting intro. Great speed riffs, delivered in a thrash style. Powerful vocals, darkly heavy and clearly impassioned. Cymbals just audible, in the background. It’s a driven track, with plenty of feeling. Lots of strength in this. Screaming his lungs out, as the pace grows more frantic and the volume more pronounced. Leading into a better outro.

Waiting For The End Of March – Sparking into life, setting the scene for a heavily metallic melody. Blending with those raw, throaty vocals, in a melo-death delivery. Certainly can’t fault that vocal execution. It’s extreme, gravel-soaked and aggressive. One thing that can be said for this track is that it’s hyper- fuelled by heightened energy. There’s good band chemistry here, with the accompaniments and vocals growing more frenetic and enraged, as it goes on. Fading out with harsh, serrated edges.

Enter The Void – Pt 1 – Deeper intro here, utilising a gentler guitar and a clearer bass presence. Soon moving into another edgy, razor sharp vocal, working seamlessly, with the heavier, more metallic riffs and drum rolls. Taking it up a gear, the speed picks up and the melody kicks in. Fading out beautifully, on a soft, acoustic riff.

Enter The Void – Pt 2 – Gorgeous intro. Physically palpable, doom riffs seep into your skin. Quite Metallica-esque, in nature, echoing the ‘Master Of Puppets’ era. Similar can be said for those drum hits. The power picks it up and runs with it. Speed riffs, soaked in thrash essence dictate the flow now, intermingling with those harsh, coarsened vocals. The blacker aspects hit and the drums chase the rhythm, in menacing, blackened form. Moving, smoothly, to the end, it’s a clean fade-out, with heavy tones.

Lost Souls I Hope You Linger – Straight out attack intro! Complete confidence and heaviness leads. Still rhythmic and piling on the aggression. A strong drum presence again, with thrash energy reigning. The melodic sections are always smooth, yet ominous. Gaining speed, as it ends, on a final throat-destroying scream.

Lucifer The Devil In Me – Tastefully delivered intro, both sinister and smooth. Mired in darkness, a catchy rhythm comes in, with an edge of Viking metal. Hostile-esque, in style, taking it up a bit, in pitch. Consistently death-laced vocals give it the edge. Gorgeous riff melodies hit, in perfect unison with the spaced out drums, before they get harder and heavier. Quickened pace again and keeping it going, brilliantly. So cohesive and full to the brim with attitude.

This Is Where We Part – Heavy forceful drum and riff intro, right into a fast-paced rhythm. Vocals entering at just the right point. A deeper groove to this one. Moving in exactly the right direction of natural flow. Some tasty riffs in there and again, the vocals are just as intense. A bit of an abrupt end, but otherwise, faultless.

Charon’s Obol – Introing on a gentler, more melodic slide riff. Soon unveiling a creepy, Gothic sound, evoking immediate visuals. Rough vocals enter here. A well blended track, with well sustained energy. Drums hitting their peak there, before fading beautifully, into the background, with the riffs following.

Overall – An impressive album, with its top strengths being consistency of delivery, rhythmic momentum and suitably jagged vocals. ‘BFE’ has many things going for it, revealing a band rapidly moving towards peak performance level.

9/10 *********

For fans of Bull Riff Stampede, Carcass, Iron Monkey, Centrilia, Death Blooms, Skreamer, Hostile.


Album available on:

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Flight Of Eden – ‘Dante’s Inferno’   1 comment

Flight Of Eden, founded in 2018, are the fall-out from Zodiark. A quartet from Reading, their 2nd EP, ‘Dantes Inferno’, will launch on 9th April 2020.

Endorsements they’ve received have come from such organisations as Ashdown Engineering, Dingwall Guitars and Payson. Having shared a stage with The Agonist, No Consequence, Confessions Of A Traitor and Sumo Cyco, they’ve also performed at Monte Verde Festival, Portugal. Their debut EP, ‘Transitions’ was an entirely independent production, as is ‘DI’. Whilst ‘Transitions’ demonstrated them at their heaviest, with ‘DI’, they decided to capitalise on their proggier side.

Based on ‘The Inferno’ section of Dante Àligheri’s epic historical poem, ‘The Divine Comedy’, ‘DI’ relates the visualisation of the journey into Hell.

The EP artwork was designed by artist Will Cross (Monuments) and illustrates a multi-faceted evolution of the EP’s inspirations.

Synchronistically chosen, to represent the day Dante’s journey into Hell began, i.e. Maundy Thursday, ‘DI’ is released on 9th April, i.e. Maundy Thursday. It will be available via all main sources.

Nessus – Very gradual intro. Emulating an aircraft, taking off, into a darkened orbit. Keyboards do most of the work, evoking the tentative atmosphere.

Selva Oscura – Sci-fi-esque, electronic intro, exploding, into sudden life. Heavy metallic drums beat out a strong rhythm, ending as quickly as it began.

Canto I – Virtue – Immediate heaviness hits. Hard-lined metal, with fittingly crushing vocal aggression. Unmistakable catch pervades this dark, leaden landscape. Another abrupt end cuts it off in its prime.

Canto II – Cerberus – Instantly impacting intro. Barrelling drums fight their way through the war zone imagery, like heavy artillery. Here, the vocals really go for it, full pelt. Breaking through the scene, like shards of glass, giving way to the melting riff melody, swimming to shore. Slightly longer, but still karate chopping the track, before it’s ready to finish.

Canto III – Heresy – Solemn, poignant piano intro. Breaking down, into a contemplative instrumental. Lifting the tone, as the riffs soar, into an uplifting melody. It genuinely feels like a flight upwards. Still, it cuts itself off, too rapidly.

Canto IV – Morning Star – Explosive intro. That’s a sound that’ll wake you up. Now, the vocals have moved into deathy arenas. Steel force rules this track. Industrial sounds mix with screamo vocals and bestial growls. It’s certainly heavy and palpably pressured. Those vocal harmonies work well. A good combination of melody and forceful heaviness. Well measured bass line running through it, just prior to the predictable cut-off.

Canto V – Purgatory – Blasting it out of the sky, with that intro, before moving it down, into the aftermath, of quietude and comforting blackness. Gentler riffs encircle the bleakness, with a warm embrace and this is the first track which plays out, to the end and it shows.

Canto V – Paradiso – Quiescent piano intro. Carefully handled. Fairly sombre, with glitches of light. Bursting into a full throttle vocal and accompaniment. Hopeful, yet pained and beautifully performed. Unfortunate abrupt end, again.

Virgil – Following on, perfectly, from the last track, in a smooth, flowing, Swan-like formation. An orchestral feel to this sound and structure. Ending quickly, but aptly, on a fire, burning and crackling with flames and ashes.

Dante Complete – Take-off sounds again and then that fuller orchestral feel, once more, as the song bursts into life. This is where the entire thing plays out, in one go. Everything featured in each individual track is performed as one collective piece. Here’s where it really comes to life and does itself full justice. Fitting together, perfectly, only with even more added spirit and velveteen sounds, blending with the sharper, heavier sections, creating a whole entity, filled with feeling. Symbolically, painting a true audio-visual portrait. Everything’s here, from gentle soft subtlety, to loud, expressive roars and all that’s in between.

Overall – Taken track by track, ‘Dantes Inferno’ is a well structured, versatile EP, with many impressive features. Performed as a whole, though, is when it really comes to life. As the only disappointing aspect is the abrupt endings on the individual tracks, it may play out better presented as a complete piece. Rare as it is to hear that kind of quality and listenability in lengthy renditions, this is where ‘DI’s greatest quality lies. Rather than disrupt the flow, with separate, abruptly ending tracks, the tale would be best told in one complete saga.

9/10 *********

For fans of Epica, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Aonia, Battlelore.

EPSON MFP image 

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