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Review of 3 Doors Down at B’ham 02 Academy   Leave a comment

Last night’s 3 Doors Down gig at Birmingham 02 Academy was a night never to be forgotten.  The venue was packed and it’s easy to understand why.  The warmth and sincerity of the band’s performance made the audience warm to them immediately.  The performance was flawless and tight and conveyed how much this band really believe in their songs.  It was a privilege to hear such real and inspiring strong vocals, such totally sensational passionate drumming and such enthused and brilliantly melodic  guitar and bass playing.  I was truly awe-struck.  It was a pleasure to hang out with the band backstage afterwards.  Such warmth and sincerity in a massively successful band is hard to come by.  If ever there was a role model rock band for future stars, its 3 Doors Down.  Check them out on facebook.

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Review of Brumstock Metal Fest   Leave a comment

The second night of Brumstock Metal Fest was definitely well worth waiting for and I can honestly say it was one of the best metal gigs I’ve ever experienced. Every band was top quality and threw their all into their performances. Highlights of the night for me were Wraith , Toxic Federation, Valhalla, Dakesis  and A Deeper Dreed. Wraith opened the fest brilliantly, as I’ve come to expect from them and it was great to hear the new material from Valhalla and A Deeper Dreed.  Valhalla’s intensely energy driven performances are always a hit. ADD’s cover of Maiden’s Fear of the Dark was just awesome and their entire set incredibly powerful and enjoyable. They certainly know how to involve and excite their audience. Having seen ADD, Toxic Federation and Dakesis for the first time, I was totally blown away by all. Enthralling, captivating and metallic are three words that sum up the night.  The fact that most if not all of these immensely talented bands are unsigned is unbelievable! Record Labels, take note! A huge thankyou to Black Scorpion Promotions on behalf of myself and all the bands for all they’ve done to make this fest and so many other events such great quality, especially as tonight’s their last gig. We’ll all be sorry to see BSP go. If Brumstock returns next year, I’d definitely recommend it as a top class free entry festival.  Congratulations to Dawn and Ian for all the money that the fest has raised for Birmingham Children’s Hospital too. A cause well worth the after effects of a night of headbanging!

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