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Only The Good ‘Time Flies’ EP Review   1 comment

This second offering from ‘Only The Good’ demonstrates their progression since the first EP and is heading in a slightly heavier direction.  The songs are brief, but the modern rock sound is wrapped up well within them.
The title track, ‘ Time Flies’, starts well, with immediacy and a catchy beat throughout, maintaining an upbeat feel and ending well.
Second track, ‘Manimal’ is a good follow-up to ‘Time Flies’, rolling along nicely, with some great riffs and drum rolls.
‘Do or Die’, the third track, begins with some sophisticated riffs and holds a classic sound and feel within it.  This is a song in which some of the classic rock band influences are audible.  Good work!  Containing a rather awesome drum roll towards the finish, it ends meaningfully, on the final cry of ‘Die’.
Final track, ‘Shut Down’ is a good choice of closing track and is my personal favourite, ending the EP well, again, reflecting an accomplished sound from beginning to end.  I’m loving the riffs and drum rolls towards the end!  Yes, I have mentioned riffs and drum rolls three times, but that’s because they’re particularly resonant for me within this EP.  All in all, a great rocky little package from Only The Good.  Keep it up!
Check the band out on facebook: onlythegood666 .

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